Over the years we have been asked many questions – and we’re always happy to answer them! We have found that many people have the same fears and hesitations.

Below are some of the common concerns that many people share.

I’m a beginner and I’m not good enough yet to ride here.

​Sometimes people think that they must ride with a newer coach or at a lower level until they get “good enough” to come to Mapleway. Not only is this incorrect, but in fact the exact opposite is true! It is ideal if a very experienced coach, using well trained horses can work with new, enthusiastic students. This gives us the opportunity to establish good skills before the rider develops any bad habits. The student will not have to “unlearn” or overcome any fears or obstacles. Progress will be quick and fun! Please don’t feel that you have any specific experience to ride with us. Bring your enthusiasm and love of horses. We will provide the other ingredients for your success!

I’m not interested in showing. It is serious and expensive. I should ride somewhere else.

​Showing is not necessary. Many people ride to quite a high level and never have the desire to show. They do have a desire to ride well, be safe and work harmoniously as one with the horse. That is a lofty goal! We provide exceptional training on fantastic horses in a top-level facility to help you live your riding dream, whatever that dream is!

I ride my own horse and I love him/her. My horse isn’t “fancy” enough to ride at Mapleway. They wouldn’t be interested in working with me.

All of the horses at Mapleway eat hay, poop and roll in the mud! If your does too then welcome to the club! All of our horses were shaggy, untrained and badly mannered at some point in their lives. And then the horse/human journey starts! It is the journey with your horse that matters, not the current stage that you are in. Trust me, wherever you are right now in your journey, we have all been there!

This is too much pressure. I don’t want to start what I doubt I can finish. I will let them/me down.

​There is no specific goal, end point or level that you must achieve. There is also no timeline! If you try something with an open mind and best intention, have a good time participating and finish with some new knowledge then it is a success! That is a completed goal and certified success right there!

I have a lot of responsibilities in my life. My schedule changes and sometimes during the year it’s just crazy! I can’t fit this in.

​Yup, life happens. And progress is neither linear nor constant. That is how it is for all of us! Feed and grow your riding passion as life allows. If you need to put your riding on pause from time to time, don’t worry about it. When the time is right you will be able to step back in and return pretty much right where you left off. Knowledge is the only thing that can never be taken from you… Get the best knowledge you can and it will be yours forever.